The new study says we must hug more

September 21, 2018 - By Justin Balkhi

According to the new scientifically research, hugs can really improve our mood. And besides positive emotions we can rely on, there is a whole study that can confirm our guesses.

How often do we feel stressed and down? And there are many reasons for that. However, there is one perfect cure. A new study says that all we need to do is hug someone.

Hugs, pleasant for both sides, can cut anxiety rise, increase the positive influence of social interaction and improve our mood.

Department of Psychology at the Carnegie Mellon University has published its new study in Plos One this week. Researchers checked 400 people for two weeks, to understand how their theory may work.

After two weeks of close observation, scientists found out that a number of hugs that were given or received are crucial for mood, daily activities, interaction with people and emotion person feels during the day.

Scientists researched daily interactions and conflicts, as well.

The study that was recently published, says that hugs have a tight link to exposure of conflict. The conflict between two people felt less stressful after a hug. The same is true for the negative events that happen during a day with us.

The effect was similar for people of both genders, different age, and social position and so on. However, according to the research, women are easier to get involved in hugs then men.

According to the study, both, women and men can equally benefit from hugs.

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