Thin muscles and bigger belly can become results of crash dieting

September 27, 2018 - By Justin Balkhi

The new study warns that there can be different negative consequences of a crash dieting. For example, your muscles can become thinner and your belly bigger.

Scientists decided to check the influence of stressful dieting. They cut 60 percent f calories from a daily diet of rats, which is similar to a crash diet, when people switch daily ratio in 2 000 calories to 800.

While rats have definitely lost the weight, there were lower metabolic functions, problems with blood pressure, kidney function and heart rate.

After 3 months on such diet, rats had much more belly fat that rats that ate normally.

We all hear many recommendations from doctors that crash dieting can be very bad for our body. And now scientists decided to find out why.

Rats who were on this diet received thinned muscles and bigger bellies. However, there were more dangerous consequences of such diet. For example, blood pressure increasing hormone became very hyperactive.

According to the research team from Georgetown University, in Washington DC, a combination of high blood pressure with increase belly fat can lead to serious consequences for all health in long-term perspective. It can even cause diabetes and provoke heart disease. Such a diet may have its negative influence even after the diet will be cut.

Besides that, kidney function was also decreased because of the diet. After several months, rats came back to their usual diet, and cycling were partly restored, however, belly fat significantly increased.

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