Twenty state schools of New York picked as blue ribbon schools

September 27, 2018 - By Justin Balkhi

And one of these schools is located in the New York City. Recently, Department of Education in the USA has named National Blue Ribbon Schools in the states.

New York State has 20 schools with this name, and one of them is in New York City.

Families came to Skaneateles Senior High School to celebrate its new achievement when Department of Education named it as one of Blue Ribbons.

While the school is one of 20 from the state, it is one of 349 schools across the USA that received such an honor. According to the official statistics, 300 schools are public while 49 are private.

What does this name say? The program of Blue Ribbon School recognizes excellence in academic achievements and closing gaps in achievements among different subgroups of students.

The Education Department of the USA says that New York City school of Skaneateles showed recently very high scores in national tests and state assessments. Their achievements were exemplary.

It is the 36th year of existence for Blue Ribbon program. And since that time, officials have awarded 8 800 different schools across the USA with this name.

Administration of Skaneateles decided to gather all participants of school life to make the announcement. The graduate rate of this school is 97 percent, while its AP ate is 73 percent.

Despite the criticism of national tests and its recent delay in results, school is very happy to receive this honorable recognition from the Education Department.

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