Police arrested 8 therapists for fraud

October 4, 2018 - By Justin Balkhi

Eight therapists were arrested in New York under suspicions in billing fraud. On Thursday morning, police arrested 8 therapists with federal charges on stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars by billing services for disabled children. While the purpose may be noble, the billing was fraud and they never provided services for developmentally disabled.

Two of these 8 therapists worked as teachers in public schools as well.

According to the federal prosecutors, therapists even forged names of parents of children’s guardians on official documents.

In other cases, fraudsters claimed that they provided expensive therapy sessions, while their patients were not even in New York.

One of the defendants, Lubov Beylina has a picture of her and iguana on Dominican Republic beach with the same date that was written in official documentation as the time of therapy session with her.

Richard Donoghue, an attorney for Eastern District of New York, says that defendants stole hundreds of thousands of dollars by using public funds. They signed at as therapeutic care of developmentally disabled children in official documents. According to him, not only disabled children and their parents have suffered who did not receive therapeutic care paid by the government, defendants tricked taxpayers who paid taxes in support of the Medicaid system.

Eight doctors Cara Steinberg, Lyubov Beylina, Merina Golfo, Kadderah Doyle, Danielle Scopinich, Ego Onaga, Enock Mensah, and Patricia Hakim were accused by the government of stealing over 600 000 dollars from New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and Medicaid.

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