The Pentagon plans to protect crops by insect army

October 4, 2018 - By Justin Balkhi

While Pentagon is planning to create special army of bioengineered insects for protecting crops, critics believe it can turn into bio-weapon.

There are different agricultural emergencies which happen almost every year, during every new harvest gathering. And many of such situations can be prevented, according to the representatives of Pentagon. Now their scientists are working hard on finding solution of effective combat with crop losses. And they consider insects as their weapon.

The main concept, for now, looks more like some weird fantasy. According to it, bugs will be able to carry specially engineered and programmed viruses that will help to protect wheat or corn harvests when they will be at the most vulnerable situation. It means, these bugs will protect harvests from biological weapon or natural blight.

Researchers from Pentagon are working on creating special modifications to viruses which will be later carried by insects on harvests and help to protect plants momentarily. For now, it looks like the protection will be able to stand just for one season of growing.

The program has already been supported by DARPA fund. It received the name Insect Allies. However, critics believe that the new technology looks rather creepy and has a lot of gaps in theory.

Team of scientists who disagree with Pentagon policy believes that the new finding may be used as a biological weapon. They say that this new program may turn into deadly weapon to use in the war purposes.

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