Trump real estate tax fraud allegation goes under investigation

October 5, 2018 - By Justin Balkhi

Officials of New York State have opened an investigation over allegations of tax fraud with Trump real estate.

It looks like the report of the New York Times has finally brought a response from officials of the state. Now authorities are trying to check whether President Donald Trump, all his family, his father have committed fraud with taxes in serious of dealings with real estate to avoid paying federal taxes. According to the reports from different news outlets, these fraud schemes helped Trump’s family to build the fortune.

After allegations from New York Times, officials decided to check tax declarations on real estate owned, or once owned by Trumps.

According to this article, that started an investigation, Donald’s father Fred Trump made a series of real estate frauds, in tax dodges.

The article says that while Donald Trump always states that he has never used his father’s money, there were 413 million dollars at least from Fred’s real estate business that Donald owned from him from the time when he was a toddler and till now.

According to journalists, this money came to him while he helped his parents to dodge taxes. It also says that parents of Donald Trump passed over 1 billion dollars to their kids, avoiding to pay 500 million dollars in taxes as they should.

After the article, Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio has confirmed his decision to ask the Department of Finance of New York City to investigate the report.

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