The new holiday season without Toys R Us

October 8, 2018 - By Justin Balkhi

Analysts predict hard season of holidays at the toy market. Makers of toys will have to deal with the growing number of orders and absence of one of the biggest toy company on the market.

On the December 21st, last year Toys R Us has officially confirmed their bankruptcy. It was a great chance for retailers to fill the empty place and make more money. However, while the holidays are coming closer, not everyone feels ready to embrace it.

There are lots of stumbles and gaps in the toy production from the USA companies.

And while the biggest markets across the states like Target and Walmart are emptying whole floors for toys before the holiday season, there are very different predictions from market analysts. Not many of them may agree that there are real problems with the lack of toys, but all of them believe that not every floor space in the market will be stuffed completely with toys.

Even with the new from the Toys R Us company, that they may be coming back with a new design, new toys, and so on, they hardly will be able to come back to the holiday season of 2018 year.

Last year the company was able to survive by tricky strategy of holding back toys and keeping them until the very end, and then selling them for a higher price to everyone who missed all the deadlines. They earned 2 billion dollars for sales in November and December.

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