The problem of New York stadiums

October 8, 2018 - By Justin Balkhi

There is a great reminder of New York stadiums problems and it is called Fenway Park. If you have never been there, you probably did not miss anything good.

It is too small for a stadium. It is inconvenient for fans that can’t see the game properly because of seats that face away from the action. Seats are too small for modern sizes of New York citizens. And there may be a good excuse for it. Those seats were built in 1912, when people were smaller on average.

And while everything in this stadium sounds awful. It still brings some good old feeling of nostalgia. Many New York citizens still come to the stadium to remember good old times.

There are two new stadiums in New York, which are beautiful, only 10 years old and look great, but still, miss something.

They also may not be perfect and have their own faults. For example, fans believe that Mets’ history is not enough on Citi Field.

And Yankee Stadium looks too poshy sometimes and rich.

Yet, there are great seats there, stuffed with everything you may or may not want and ask. Both of them are really clean and nice.

However, they still both look very new and clean. There is no history behind it, no small-sized seats, no lack of space on the playing field. O why do we miss all these bad things? New Yorkers may call it nostalgia, and we call it the city spirit.

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