Limousine safety question

October 9, 2018 - By Justin Balkhi

After the disaster that happened in New York people started to wonder whether it is safe to use a limousine.  It was a former SUV that became limousine after converting, stretching, and repacking. Many experts of road safety are still worried about such limos. They warned drivers since the first appearance of the transformer.

On weekend, one of these converted limos crashed in New York and killed 20 people. It was Ford Expedition 2001 in its previous life.

It is still unclear what the main reason for the tragedy was. Some experts believe it happened because of modification of SUV, others disagree with it. The fact is, 20 people are dead, and the limo that crashed them failed the previous inspection.

Prestige Limousine Chauffeur Service has published its official statement on Monday. They confirmed that there will be detail investigation from the inside. They will find the reason of accident and take steps to prevent such accidents in the nearest future.

According to officials, there will be an examination of limos regulations. The head of National Transportation Safety Board Robert Sumwalt says that it must be a wake-up call. Twenty people are dead, and this situation must never be repeated.

He confirmed that the board will search for the reason of crash as well, and find out if the limo regulations adequate.

According to the former head of NTSB, Peter Goelz, smaller vehicles which later were converted into limos have more chances to get in the road accident and suffer from greater risks on the road.

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