New York City Disabled People Are Worried About Public Transit

October 10, 2018 - By Justin Balkhi

While New York City represents itself as the center of the country, the heart, and soul of it, there are still many gaps and overlooked flaws that people with disabilities can find insulting.

For many people with disabilities, public transit in New York looks rather like a nightmare.

There are many daily complains that citizens of New York City express towards Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the corporation that responsible for all public city transport. Usually, it is about far hikes, delays in schedule and overcrowding.

However, for many people, it is more than this. People who live with disabilities have to struggle every day with usually ignored flaws that hinder their well-being.

According to Eman Rimawi, a 32-year-old advocate of disability, and amputee two times five years back, it is hard to realize that there is a problem only until the time when you have to use something in the city. She says that usually many people see her as garbage of society and prefer not to look twice on her, and not to wonder what problems does she have.

Accommodations of MTA for disabled look more like a garbage itself. In the subway, not all stations have elevators, audio or visual indicators, ramps that will be able to make transportation for disabled community less stressful. There is no equipment that will allow disabled people to receive basic information, including changes in schedule.

There is no announcement of the name of the stop in many public buses, that could help blind people to orient.

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