After scandal Amazon raises workers payment

October 11, 2018 - By Justin Balkhi

The biggest online retailer Amazon continues to implement its new policy despite the problems with some of its employees.

There has been an announcement from Amazon on raising the minimum wage, which was not accepted as well as retailer planned at first. While Amazon was constantly criticized by its low minimum wage, the changes were not taken well either.

When the company has shared their plans of payment’s increase to its workers they expected to see anything from happy faces to gratefulness, but not screaming and arguing. It appeared that some workers calculated quickly that the money for minimum wage increase will be taken from their bonuses and extra hours payments. And according to them, it is significantly better than several bucks plus to the hour of work.

Now, when Amazon heard complains, they announced the new plan. The company is going to raise the wage for some employees and still offer bonuses as a replacement for their previously existed compensation plans.

New tariff includes 15 dollars per hour minimum. And after some workers said that their monthly bonuses and stock options gave them more money, Amazon decided to change some previous plans.

For some of the employees, they increase minimum wage payment. If they already receive 15 dollars for an hour, they can rely on a bigger increase like 1.25 dollars plus per hour.

There will be bonuses instead of the previous program of compensation for long-term workers.

Still, there is no reply from workers who were previously upset with changes in the program.

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