Limo operator is charged with homicide

October 11, 2018 - By Justin Balkhi

Police charged operator of the limousine firm with a homicide by negligence. The company that was involved in a deadly crash in New York which happened on Saturday is under investigation. Its operator was arrested and charged with negligence that brought to homicide.

According to the officials, police have found that driver who was in that car did not even have an accurate license, and this car should not have been on the road.

Meanwhile, operator of the company Prestige Limousine, Nauman Hussain denies all the accusations.

Driver has lost control over the vehicle in small town Schoharie, which is west of Albany. It took lives of 18 passengers inside the limousine and 2 pedestrians.

Lee Kindlon, the lawyer of limo company, says that brother and girlfriend of Mr. Hussain has already been called to the police station for questioning.

According to the official statistics, it is the deadliest transport accident in the USA since the 2009 year. Among killed people were two couples, who were newlyweds and four sisters.

Police says that the limo driver did not manage to stop at the intersection when he had to, while he was taking group of 18 people to the birthday party.

Before the limo killed two pedestrians at the car park of the closest shop, it hit another car that luckily was empty.

Police says that passengers would not have to wear seatbelts in the limo. However, last month this car failed an inspection. Now Mr. Hussain denies this information.

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