Thousands of children from the US do not receive vaccination

October 12, 2018 - By Justin Balkhi

According to the new research, there are thousands of young USA residents, who don’t receive proper vaccination.

Health officials are worried about the numbers of children who did not receive vaccines. The good news is there is 70 percent of children in the USA who received the vaccination. The bad news is there a constantly growing number of those who didn’t.

On the 11th of October, officials have confirmed that the number of children in the USA who did not receive vaccination from any disease is small, but it constantly growing.

There are 14 diseases that need to be vaccinated from, according to the official list of CDC. And now, there are 100 000 toddlers that did not receive vaccination from any of it.

Concerning news came from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the official statement on Thursday.

According to Doctor Amanda Cohn, from CDC, this number is big enough to worry everyone. She says that people need to understand why vaccination is necessary and stop the growth of this number.

For now, 70 percent of children receive every shot they needed to survive different potentially deadly viruses. However, the study of 2017 documents shows that 1.3 percent of children who were born in 2015 were not vaccinated at all. It is a significant increase comparing to 0.9 percent of kids from the 2011 year. As for the 2001 year, the number of unvaccinated children was probably 0.3 percent.

According to health officials, young children are the most vulnerable target for many viruses and disease.

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