Buy 40-pound pizza for 2000 dollars and help Florence victims

October 16, 2018 - By Justin Balkhi

Gigantic pizza in New York City maybe not the best idea for your figure and healthy lifestyle, but you can always spread the news to other or go with a big company. It costs 2 000 dollars and it weighs 40 pounds. And yet, it is a good cause to buy it. Why? Because the money will help victims of Hurricane Florence in North Carolina.

It is a 40-pound cheeseburger pizza. And let’s not pretend that it is not a huge amount of money they are asking for the piece of pizza.

In this city, you can pay for 730 rides in subway or cover monthly rent instead of order one pizza.

Even if it consists of 5 meat layers, lettuce, cheese, onions, pepperoni, ketchup, and tomatoes, it still costs a lot. The huge pie which one person will not be able to hold still. It was cut in half just to be able to fit in the oven,

Now you can order this pizza with your friends or a team of football players in Champion Pizza. They have seven working locations in the city, and every of it can offer such a big portion.

All the money you pay for the pizza goes to the victims of Hurricane Florence in North Carolina.

However, you will be able to order this giant pizza only this week. This will be the last weekend when the fund will offer such a proposition.

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